Welcome To Japan

Miyako International Tourist co.,Ltd is one of the few travel agents in Japan offering inbound halal tourism. With our trained Muslim staffs, we specialize in hosting Muslim travelers by planning their trips and arranging their tours to Japan. We understand the concern of Muslim travelers regarding halal food, praying facilities and all other aspects that fulfill our religious belief. Also you will enjoy visiting the mosques in Japan and see the Islamic scenes of Japan.

 Japan if full of many beautiful sceneries and amazing places. One major highlight of this country is the gorgeous four season which you can experience the distinct transformation of the scenery. In spring you can witness the vivid pink of the “Sakura” cherry blossoms and variety of multicolored flowers, which is one of the most astonishing views of Japan. In summer, the most festive time among the year. You can see the stunning fireworks each handmade by the craftsman throughout Japan. In autumn, eyewitness the mountains of Japan covered and decorated by the brilliant autumnal colors: yellow, red and gold. In winter, experience Skiing, Snowboarding and Sledding in the rich quality snow. For guest who would like to indulge in the greatest luxury possible, view the exceptional snowscape while y dipping in the “Onsen” Hot Spring.

Japan also has more reasons to visit excluding the turns of the seasons. The high-tech modern city of Tokyo & Osaka. The historical ambiances of Kyoto & Nara. Mt. Fuji, which is the symbol of Japan and natural heritage. The grand scenery of Hokkaido. The only nuclear bombing sight in the world, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

As we are the leading company in organizing all type of tours and visits, we can provide tours to guests who are interested in the cutting-edge technology of Japan. We arrange visits according to client's needs, such as Toyota and Panasonic, to small companies. If you wish to learn about Japanese companies please kindly inform us and we will make appointments and plan the visit for you.

Our company's objective is to ensure high quality holidays and visits by providing halal accommodations and Muslim hospitalities to our fellow Muslim travelers. If you think of traveling to Japan please contact Japan`s number one Halal tourism agency Miyako International Tourist. We are more than happy to assist your visit to Japan!

Japan will promise 1001 unique experiences that you will not find in other countries Al-Hamduli Allah.
In shaa Allah, we hope you will enjoy Japan with our Muslim friendly tour!!