Tokyo-Hokkaido Winter Tour (1-7 Feb 2016)

Nationality : Singapore

Customer’s Name : Khairul Ridzwan & Madam Rokiah Bibi

Comment :

My mother and I had an enjoyable time during the trip. Not forgetting Mr Ryoma, both of you were such wonderful guides.

I will definitely recommend your agency's services to those keen to travel to Japan.

Once again thank you to both of you.

6D5N Osaka, Kyoto, Nara & Kobe Tours

Nationality : Malaysia

Customer’s Name : Mr Muzaruddin and Friends

We strongly recommend the services of Miyako International Tourist Co. Ltd. to be your travel partner in Japan for your comfortable time and conscious mind, and less to think about the hassle things of moving from one destination to another to the other fascinating destinations.

Miyako can arrange your energetic holiday based on their excellent track records. Besides taking care of the accommodation, transport, meal, shopping and sightseeing, Miyako always alert you on the basic needs of Muslim tourists including halal food, prayers’ room or masjid or  to give some personal guidelines on how to deal with Japanese in daily interaction. The trip can be also be made `personalized' for those who need to be with their loved family members and friends.

For a little bit `adventurous', Miyako can also manage your personalized tour for a few days and another option for Free and Easy Day to explore metropolitan cities in Japan by using efficient public transport networks. InsyaAllah the time you spent in Japan will forever be embedded in your sweet memories with the urge to come back again to Japan....!

Sakura Tour

Nationality  : Malaysia
Customer’s name : Mrs Aida Arif 
Comment : 
Alhamdulillah kami sekeluarga selamat tiba di KL, terima kasih banyak - banyak kepada Marlia, Ryoma, Adi dan Sham... We really had a great time. InshaAllah panjang umur & murah rezeki..jumpa lagi. Miss osaka already...

Subarashi !

Nationality  : Malaysia
Customer’s name : Muhammad Aizuddin bin Zulkifli

Comment : First, I'd like to thank Miyako International Tourist Co. Ltd for at the forefront of Muslim tourism in Japan. Second, I'd like to thank Ms Marlia and Mr Syam for their hospitality throughout our 7-day trip, covering Osaka, Shirahama, Kobe, and Kyoto. Even though our first 2 days were greeted with overcast weather, the sun appeared after that and brought us happy memories in Japan. Thanks for spending your time with us and also for allowing us to spend time with you. Personally, I can't get enough of Japan and would love to experience more of Japan in the near future (probably a trip to Tokyo as well as if possible, having a Japanese living experience in some sort of homestay or something)