Beautiful Memories in Japan - Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto-Tokyo

Nationality  : Malaysia
Customer’s name : Siti, Liza & Sufina
Comment : Due to our busy schedule, the three of us hardly had any time to do our research for our maiden trip to Japan. However, thanks to Miyako International Tourist Co. Ltd, our 6D5N holiday in Japan was a breeze. With the help from our tour guides, we did not have to worry about halal meals and places for prayer. We were glad that our first autumn experience started in Nara Park where we were surrounded by tame reindeer who followed us around asking for deer crackers. Osaka as a whole, was a great city and we loved our visit to Dotonburi; the best place for people watching/observing, we must say. The sushi and sashimi that we had while staying in Osaka was the best ever. Everything we ate was fresh, succulent and downright delicious. A visit to Umeda Sky Building was an unforgettable experience for the three of us. We were glad to have a chance to enjoy an obstructed 360 view of Osaka at night from the 39th floor of the building. A trip to the Universal Studio Japan made us feel like a kid again. Our visit to The Earthquake Museum in Kobe was the most heartfelt experience ever and we must thanked both our guides for insisting that we visited the museum. Kobe as a whole was also a lovely city and besides they have one shop devoted to all things Ultraman. :-) We love the colours of Kyoto especially during autumn. Unfortunately, there were too many tourists for us to really enjoy Kyoto. It would have been great if we got to experience Kyoto a little longer but that's all right because we plan to return there someday. Our best memories in Kyoto would be the Kyoto Studio Park where we got to dress as a Japanese Princess and Maiko in a kimono, visited the haunted house, watching Power Rangers performed and visited the Kamen Rider museum. We also love our hotel, the Plaza Osaka Hotel. We said our goodbyes to our great guides at Kintetsu Kyoto Station before continuing our journey to Tokyo. We spent the whole day in Hakone, cruising along the beautiful Lake Ashi on a pirate ship heading towards Togendai station where we took a cable car to Owakudani. We passed through hills and valleys with the view of Mount Fuji behind us and everywhere we look the view was so breathtaking. We must say that 6D5N wasn't enough to visit Japan. It was impossibled to experience Tokyo city in just a day. On the last day of our trip, we only managed to go to Asakusa and Ameyoko to do our shopping. Of course, we went a little crazy at Asakusa and Ameyoko, trying to choose the best and cheapest souvenirs, the most unique shirts and the most delicious Japanese biscuits and fresh fruits to bring back to Malaysia. Our last view of Tokyo was the Gundam Front Tokyo in Odaiba. All in all, our trip to Japan was a unique experience; yes of course we were "lost in translation" a few times but it was an eye-opener and a great way to learn their language, culture and a way of life. We think this country is magical because it beckons us to return again and again. Thanks again Miyako. We love Japan!