6D5N Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka

Nationality : Indonesia
Customer’s name : Basalamah Family 
Comment :
1. We were very happy with the service of Miyako Muslim Tour; we could do our daily prayer and found halal food in every place we went without difficulties.
2. We were so much stunned and totally amazed by the beauty of Japan, it's culture, it's people, and the traditions. It's all blended with the modern system in Japan that we don't see in other countries. 
3. We also felt so welcomed by the friendliness of Miyako team who has brought us to all places with so much patience and sincerity. 
We were satisfied and we will recommend Muslim visitors to use Miyako Tour Service. We definitely will come back again and use their service insha Allah.
Thank you Miyako Muslim Tour, jazakumullah khayr. May Allah give your company success.