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Nationality: Singapore
Customer’s name : Suandi & Ayu Family
Comment : We chanced upon Halal-Tour Japan when we were surfing the Internet. It was our first trip to Japan and we needed a reliable tour company who will be able to fulfil our needs - halal food, able to perform our prayers and not forgetting fun for the whole family. It is quite a Herculean task considering our family consists of  teenagers and the elderly. However, Halal-Tour Japan managed to do all this and more! The guides are friendly and are able to accomodate to our requests. The tour include visits to mosques and we also had the opportunity of staying in an apartment in Japan, surrounded by Japanese neighbours. We had a taste of authentic Japanese food, and who could forget the experience of being filmed by Fuji TV and interviewed by a Japanese weekly paper, the NIkkei Weekly? It was absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The only setback was not being able to see Mt. Fuji due to adverse weather conditions. That aside, our family had a wonderful time in Japan and we hope to explore other Japanese cities with Halal-Tour Japan.

IHI (International Halal Integrity Alliance)


Senior Manager Halal Standards & Systems of International Halal Integrity Alliance (IHIA)

IHIIn October 2010, a team from International Integrity Halal Alliance travelled to Japan to provide training to Japan Halal Association in Osaka. Our trip, schedule and visits were all carefully taken care by Miyako International Tourists.
Despite the lack of halal food and facilities in Japan, Miyako staff went extra miles to meet our needs and enabling us to fulfill all aspects of our religious belief. They paid attention to every detail and made sure we had halal food in every restaurant and even during business lunches companies were already aware of our requirements.

Not only praying facilities were available but also praying mats were provided.Despite the limited time for tourism, some sightseeing was arranged for us as a very nice break and still making sure everything was according to Islamic standards.

I would recommend Miyako International Tourist, the only halal tour in Japan, for any Muslim wishing to visit Japan and discover the Japanese fascinating and unique culture, or for those coming for business.

Imam Mohsen Shaker al-Bayoumi

Imam Mohsen Assalamaleikum,

Imam Mohsen Shaker al-Bayoumi
Osaka Ibaraki Masjid

I am Imam Mohsen Shaker al-Bayoumi from Egypt. I am currently Imam at Osaka Ibaraki Masjid. Since 19xxxx I have been living in Japan, a faraway country full of mysteries. Modern and high-tech, but also rich in culture and nature, Japan has never stop welcoming people from all over the world.

Due to the lack of local information about halal shop and prayer facilities, and the lack of halal restaurants, Japan has not always been a convenient place for Muslim expatriates and tourists.
Today, Miyako International offers a brand new product: "Halal Tour" in Japan, which deals exclusively with Muslims and has been launched exclusively for Muslim visitors in order to overcome past issues and meet Muslims requirements and needs. Tours are planned, managed, and executed by Muslim professional staff, and are monitored and certified by the Japan's major certifying body, NPO Japan Halal Association.

Miyako International Tourist, is the first and the only tour operator to offer Halal Tours for Muslims in Japan. If you are attracted by Japan and wish to visit, I highly recommend Miyako International Tourists
For more information please contact Miyako International Tourist.

JHA (Japan Halal Association)

Hind Remon HitomiHind Remon Hitomi

NPO Japan Halal Association believes that to increase Halal products and services penetration into the Japanese society; it is one of our missions to encourage the development of Halal tourism in Japan by monitoring the products and services offered by travel companies.

JHA is pleased to introduce and recommend one of our member Miyako International tourist co.,ltd. Miyako International tourist co.,ltd is a leading Halal tour operator in Japan who has Muslim staff trained by JHA to provide the highest halal standards of hospitality and service for Muslim tourists and meet all their requirements.

Therefore we would recommend Miyako International tourist co., ltd to be your partner for your trip to Japan.