Halal Tour In YouTube

4 September, 2013 Business Click (TBS)

Japan is starting to focus on Tourism and inviting more and more international tourist to Japan. Especially, the current HOT TOPIC is, “How to host Muslims guests.”

We were interviewed by Business Click (TBS), about the Muslim tour in Japan. Here are some of the scenes from the TV program.
(Tour dates : 27 August – 2 September)

We want our guest to experience the great Japanese Hospitality.

Miyako International Tourist staff : Ryoma Miyoshi
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Photo taken at Owakudani, Hakone. An active volcanic area where sulfurous fumes, hot springs and hot rivers can be experienced. The group rode the Hakone Cablecar / Ropeway and the Pirate Cruise at Lake Ashi.

Seeing the mountains and lake from inside the Hakone Cablecar / Ropeway.

Beautiful. (Translation of the sub-title)

Experiencing the traditional Japanese food, “Soba (Buckwheat) Noodles.” For some guests “Soba Noodles” was a mysterious food!

You have to put it in the soup. Inside here. (Translation of the sub-title)

Alhamdulillah, praying at the prayer room provided by the shopping outlet. Ma shaa Allah more and more prayer facilities are being built in Japan.

After stopping at Hakone, the next visit was to Hokkaido, where they experienced the world of minus degrees, even in the hot summer of August.

Picture taken at Biei, Hokkaido. During the summer season, Hokkaido is full of beautiful flowers and sightseeing places. While in the winter, it is the leading resort for winter activities.

Q. Do you think the four season of Japan is a strong selling point for Japan’s tourism industry?
A. Yes, Definitely. Japanese people should appreciate the four seasons more.
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