About us

What’s Halal Tour about?

Reliable Halal Food

Halal Food is highly prioritized in our Halal Tour as it is essential for our religious belief and health. Currently, most Japanese Cuisines are not available for us, yet we have worked with few restaurants to serve halal Japanese meals. Most meals are ethnic cuisines from Muslim countries.

Secure Prayer Places

During the tour, we will arrange Mosques, Masjids, and Prayer Rooms. Yet, it is still hard to secure these places everywhere in Japan. Therefore, we ask shops, restaurants, parks, hotels, and outlets to provide our clients prayer places. We will also find Qiblah in the guest rooms and lend prayer mats.

Sincere Islamic Hospitality

Hospitality is one of the important teachings of Islam. Therefore, we strive to fulfill this characteristic by arranging our Muslim staff as the tour guide / tour attendant. We will relieve the worries and concerns of our guests by having a Muslim escort who will understand these aspects. Our goal is “A Muslim Brother/Sister hosting another Brother/Sister from a foreign Country.

Introducing Islam In Japan

As Muslims are minority and Islam is not well known in Japan, we attempt to enlighten restaurants, shops, and hotels about Islam and more specifically halal. We also inform these facilities how to host Muslim guests.

Preserve Halal Contents