Japanese Cuisine


Oden is a typical Japanese hodgepodge suitable for colder seasons. Many different foods are boiled together in a large pot with a soup seasoned with soy sauce and dried bonito flakes. The ingredients include soybean curd, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, Konnyaku, Japanese radish, kelp rolls and Hanpen etc... Hot mustard goes really well with Oden!

Oden is a dish in which a variety of ingredients such as tofu, eggs, white radish, fried fish paste, and potatoes are boiled together in a large pot of seasoned fish broth. Hot mustard is served as a condiment.

Oden Neta in English

white radish egg
devil's tongue deep-fried ball of
fish paste
kelp fermented bean curd
fish paste cake potato



Onigiri, also called "Omusubi" is a rice ball of round or sometimes triangular shape. Just like sandwiches in the Western countries, it is a popular food taken out of on picnics or eating while traveling. The center contains a pickled plum (umeboshi), tuna, salted salmon (shake), and so on. Onigiri is wrapped with a dried seaweed-laver sheet (Nori), or sprinkled with sesame seeds and salt.


Ochaduke means "soaked in green tea". Ochaduke is bowl of rice with green tea poured on it. It is eaten with salty food such as pickled vegetables, dried fish and seaweed boiled in soy saurce. It is found on the menus of drinking places (nomiya) as a late night snack after heavy drinking.